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Change The Way You Define Exercise

Change the way you define exercise

Feeling inspired?

With the Olympics, Wimbledon and the summer weather maybe it’s inspired you to think about getting outside and keeping active. I find that watching these sports events can inspire me but when I think about how to bring this to my life, how to get active, or what to do, I panic or set unrealistic goals. Often this is because I feel like I have to do certain things to be active. Things like running or to the gym even though I don’t like it. In the past I’ve found PE hard, it has made me think I don’t like certain activities because I didn’t like doing it in that environment, rushed and at school.

Instead, be explorative with getting active. Listen to yourself and what interests you and don’t devalue any forms of exercise. We can sometimes think things like walking aren’t ‘proper exercise’ but they really are! It’s all getting active. Be open and think outside the box of what you usually like. If you don’t want to commit but are interested in trying something why not give taster sessions a go? These could be in water sports, like surfing, kayaking or maybe even try circus skills. All of these opportunities are out there for you in Dorset.

Try going with a friend

The other hard thing with trying out new things though can be not knowing anyone or not feeling comfortable enough to just have a go. If you’re nervous about joining a group or going to a new setting why not ask a friend to come. This might even be just at the start until you get settled. Remember though, that if you’re interested in trying something, so are all the other people in the group.  So you already have something in common!

Get active for less

Getting active doesn’t have to come with costs either. There are lots of free events such as Park yoga, Park run that are doing free sessions on the weekend, you just need to book. You can also make full use of your local community, this might be visiting local parks, beaches, or playgrounds and skateparks. Volunteering at events or activities can also be a great way to get involved in activities for free. If you get free school meals at school, you can even sign up for a whole load of free activities happening this summer at Summer in Dorset.

Celebrate the spaces and places around you where you can get active. This can be doing lots of different things like  swimming in the sea, trying out tricks on a skateboard or playing swing ball in the garden, it is all part of keeping us active.

Being active and wellbeing

Getting active can be amazing for your wellbeing and as such is part of the 5 ways to wellbeing. It helps give balance to our life and can lift our mood. If you want to get active with others but are worried about doing this, our new wellbeing n’ chat groups are a safe space to join in activities with others who might be feeling the same way.


Thank you to Alice for this inspiring blog on getting active and her beautiful photo in Dartmoor.

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