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Feeling You’ll Never Get Better

Feeling you’ll never get better

Ambassador Series: Accessing Support

World Mental Health Day this year is about ‘Greater Access for All,’ and using this as a theme, our Young Ambassadors have written blogs to explore challenges they’ve faced when reaching out for help.

We’re kicking off this series with a blog from Alice, who talks about living with her diagnosis and finding your own path to recovery:

Feeling you’ll never get better… so what’s the point?

I will always have to live with my mental health condition. Sounds pretty negative, doesn’t it? It can make you feel like there’s no point in even trying if being cured isn’t an option. Recovery is though and feeling better is. Whatever it is your experiencing is manageable. You won’t feel the same way you do right now, forever.

You might think you know what recovery looks like; or if only I wasn’t like this then things would be better. Maybe, like me, you picture going to the doctors or therapy and them giving you the magic cure to be able to be a different you, a better you.

Recovery isn’t like that though. Recovery is not linear, and doesn’t just happen to you, you have to engage with it, and it looks different for everyone.

So, if you think help won’t do anything for you or that you’ll never get better, challenge those expectations. Make small goals for yourself. Stop thinking when I’m cured- I’ll do X, Y and Z and try things now. Add things bit by bit- things that you want for yourself and things that you value, not anyone else. Break goals or desires for your life down. For example, reaching out and talking is not something that has to happen all at once; do it bit by bit.

Not all help is going to be helpful to you but take what you can- take what helps you manage yourself and your mental health and you will get there. You will find a way to overcome things that right now may seem impossible- even if you overcome them in a different way than you are imagining right now.

You can find services to help you, wherever you are on your recovery journey, by clicking here. 

Thanks to our Young Ambassador Alice, for writing this informative blog. 

Check back for more in this series from our Young Ambassadors soon.

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