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You Don’t Think Your Issue Is Serious Enough To Seek Help

You Don’t Think Your Issue Is Serious Enough To Seek Help

Ambassador Series: Accessing Support

World Mental Health Day’s theme this year was ‘Greater Access for All’. Our Young Ambassadors have written blogs to explore challenges of reaching out for help as a young person.  We’re adding to this series by exploring how you may sometimes feel that your situation is not serious enough to ask for help.

You Don’t Think Your Issue Is Serious Enough To Seek Help 

The most important thing to remember today, tomorrow, and everyday that follows is that your mental health deserves to be an aspect of your life that is nurtured. Often it can be easy to give out advice to friends or family, providing them with support when they may need it and directing them to resources which can be of help. Yet, a lot of us tend to look over our own emotions, worries, struggles, and overall mental health. In a world where we are so virtually connected to one another, it can be hard to break out of the cycle of comparison and thinking that our own needs aren’t worthy of reaching out for help when looking at the struggles others may go through.

We need to remember that every mind is different and every mind reacts to situations and circumstances in different ways; one person may be able to pick themselves up and overcome an event whereas another person may not be able to react as positively to that same event, and that is ok. If you aren’t feeling 100% yourself and notice signs of your mental health changing, reaching out for help is integral in ensuring that you prevent your mental health from potentially getting worse. Help can come in all forms, whether that’s talking to friends/family or going to seek professional support, no matter the action you choose to take you should always remember you are worthy of feeling better.

Getting support

If you’re not sure where to go for support, have a look at the ‘services’ section of the Dorset Mind Your Head website. There, you’ll find information about our 1:1 counselling service, Wellbeing Check In support, and support groups. The ‘Resources’ page is a great place to find lots of different ways that you can support yourself or someone you know in looking after their own mental wellbeing.

Thanks to our Young Ambassador Emily, for writing this inspiring blog. 

Check back for more in this series from our Young Ambassadors soon.

Image by Nastya_Gepp on Pixabay

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