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There may be times or situations in our lives that are more difficult than others. The capacity to stay mentally well during those times is what we call ‘resilience’.

Resilience is not simply a person’s ability to ‘bounce back’, but their capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, whilst maintaining a stable mental wellbeing.

We believe resilience is something that can change over time and that we, as individuals, have the power to change it. We believe that resilience can be taught, and learned, and that the elements that build resilience can be introduced into everyday life.

At Dorset Mind Your Head, we base our resilience work on the ‘7 C’s of resilience’ which cover;

Competence: When people notice what you are doing right and give you opportunities to develop important skills, you feel competent. You need to be given the opportunity to recover yourselves after a fall, after all failure is often the pathway to success!
Confidence: All young people need confidence to be able to navigate the world, think outside the box, and conquer challenges.
Connection: Connections with other people, schools, and communities offer you the security that allows you to stand on your own and develop creative solutions. We are social beings and everything we do is in relationship to others, whether we realise it or not. Fostering healthy relationships is essential for wellbeing for all of us.
Character: You need a clear sense of right and wrong and a commitment to integrity. You also need to know yourself in order to get the best out of yourself.
Contribution: If you contribute to the wellbeing of others, you will receive gratitude rather than condemnation. You can learn that contributing feels good, and may therefore more easily turn to others, and do so without shame.
Coping: If you possess a variety of healthy coping strategies, you will be less likely to turn to dangerous quick fixes when stressed.
Control: If you understand that privileges and respect are earned through demonstrated responsibility, you can learn to make wise choices and feel a sense of control.
(The 7 Cs are an adaptation from The Positive Youth Development movement.) 
We have developed a series of lessons based on the 7 C’s of resilience,
  1. Coping – mental health awareness
  2. Character – Emotional Awareness
  3. Control – Emotional Intelligence
  4. Competence – Positive psychology & playing to your strengths
  5. Confidence – Self esteem
  6. Connection – Helpful listening and reaching out to others
  7. Contribution – Peer support
You can download them here.

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