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What is a WAP (Wellness Action Plan)?

A WAP is a useful document that is self-completed with the help of a template, which can be downloaded here. The purpose of a WAP is to remind us what we need to do to stay well and what might best help us when we start to struggle with our mental health. A WAP details both who our support is, such as a parent, friend or youth worker and how they can best help and strengthen us when we need it.

It’s useful to have multiple people you can turn to, and a WAP helps you identify them and remember that they’re there for you should you need them. It also helps us become more aware of how we think, which thoughts are helpful/not helpful for us, what our stress triggers and responses are, and what our coping strategies are. This helps us to communicate these better to others including those who are part of our support network, and lets them know what steps they can take to help you get back on track.

The information in your WAP is confidential to you and can be shared with people you trust. It is helpful to regularly review it with your chosen support person/people so they know how they can best help. You only need to provide information that you are comfortable sharing, this is your document written in order to help YOU.

Examples from our Ambassasdors

Our Young Ambassadors share some thoughts on what they would or have included in their own wellness action plans. These can give you some ideas for your own and show you that they can benefit everyone.

I use writing to get some of those thoughts out. I also like to write reminders to myself to do take time for myself and ask for help because I know when I start to feel stressed I can just ignore the signs.

Alice, Dorset Mind Your Head Ambassador.

When I’m stressed, I spend time just chatting with my friends, especially after school.  We are often still talking when the teachers are go home; it makes me so happy.

Becky, Dorset Mind Your Head Ambassador.

I like to listen to music or watch a good movie, anything that just focuses on myself for a bit.

Nabila, Dorset Mind Your Head Ambassador.

I step away from my laptop and make a list of the things I need to do. This helps me to not feel so lost and confused.

Shreya, Dorset Mind Your Head Ambassador.

I spend a few minutes meditating and just sitting still. I find taking this time regularly then helps me outside of that in my day-to- day life to feel more in control.

Olivia, Dorset Mind Your Head Ambassador.

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