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We’d love you to join our Dorset Mind Your Head Parent Community private Facebook Group which  provides educational and therapeutic resources, peer support, signposting and tips and advice on helping young people live life mentally healthy. Find us by searching ‘Dorset Mind Your Head Parent Community’ on Facebook.

Dorset Mind Your Head’s work with schools involves taking a ‘whole school approach’ which means we offer support to parents and members of  staff as well as the young people.

For parents, not only are we present at parent evenings in the schools but we also host ‘tea and talk’ mornings alongside the school where you can come and get information; share your experiences; explore mental health issues and learn about emotional awareness & coping strategies both with each other, with school pastoral staff and with members of Dorset Mind.

If you would like us to host a Tea and Talk morning with your child’s school, why not ask them to get in  touch with us at

Parenting in today’s busy world, often with both parents/carers working full time or facing the challenges of raising children alone can be hard, and even harder if faced with struggles around mental health.

It is easy to feel inadequate when you are not sure you are knowledgeable enough to deal with emotional distress in your child. It can sometimes push you to your limits emotionally.

Sharing information, support and advocacy with peers can be key to overcoming these challenges. Talking with other parents who are facing similar situations reduces stress and can offer reassurance about decisions.

Knowing you are not alone and that your child can grow up to be mentally healthy, independent and able to live a full and happy life can re-frame your experience in a positive way, helping you gain a new perspective. Being able to share each other’s experiences, both positive and negative, is an important part of the healing process.

We are always learning about our ever changing children. Meeting as a group gives the opportunity to learn new things, build new friendships and accompany each other in our struggles so that ultimately we are strong and stable as we help our children grow and develop in mentally healthy ways.

Here is a selection of useful resources available in Dorset;

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