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Act Against Bullying

Act Against Bullying aims to offer practical advice for people aged under 18 who are being bullied. The charity is run by volunteers and provides a wealth of information to support people who are being bullied. The charity also runs a range of campaigns to promote anti-bullying.

If you are being bullied and need advice please email Act Against Bullying on

Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness offers ten keys for happier living for an insight into what helps people stay happy.


The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service provide people-friendly information and resources about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to anyone who needs assistance – parents, sufferers, teachers or health professionals. ADDISS provides information, training and support for parents, sufferers and professionals in the fields of ADHD and related learning and behavioural difficulties

Phone: 020 8952 2800
Fax: 020 8952 2909

P O Box 340

ADHD Foundation

The ADHD Foundation are committed to the participation agenda and the right of those who use services to have a voice and be responsible for their own life plan and the change they want to achieve for themselves.

The charity works in partnership with individuals, families, doctors, teachers and other agencies to improving emotional well-being, educational attainment, behaviour and life chances through better understanding and self-management of ADHD, ASD and related learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, Irlen’s Syndrome, dyscalculia and Tourette’s Syndrome. They also provide training for GP’s, Teachers, Social Care agencies and other professionals, raising awareness to bring about positive change and inclusion in mental health, education and employment.

Albert Kennedy Trust

Albert Kennedy Trust supports young LGBT+ people (16-25) who are made homeless or living in a hostile environment, by providing appropriate homes through supported lodgings, fostering and other specialist housing schemes.

Anorexia & Bulimia Care

Anorexia & Bulimia Care supports] people who are affected by eating disorders.  This organisation provides a wealth of information for people suffering with eating disorders. They also provide information for their family, friends, parents and carers.

An online community for parents and carers is available, befriending, a helpline, and regional support.

Their helpline provides further information 03000 11 12 13

Option 1 – Support line

Option 2 – Family and friends

If you are suffering from an eating disorder and would like support via email their email address is

For information regarding the befriending service available please email

If you are a parent, family member or friend of someone suffering from an eating disorder support and advice is also available by email family and

Anti-Bullying Alliance 

Anti-Bullying Alliance is a collection of organisations and individuals who strive to work towards safe environments in which bullying does not exist. The Alliance has a number of objectives that their members work towards. These include raising the awareness of bullying and its effects on children and young people, creating an environment in which it is agreed that bullying is unacceptable, and to make sure that teachers, youth practitioners, parents, carers, children and young people are equipped with efficient skills and knowledge to address bullying effectively.

Anti-Bullying Alliance runs a range of programmes that address specific aspects of bullying behaviour. A vast amount of information is also available regarding types of bullying and advice for people who are being bullied, parents, schools and teachers and people who were bullied as a child. Information regarding making a complaint about bullying is also available.

Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK provides advice and support for people living with anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression. It has an infoline, text service and digital online therapy service (subscription required).

Anxiety Care UK

Helps people to recover from anxiety disorders.

Ashiana Sheffield

Ashiana Sheffield aims to prevent murder and serious harm to black, Asian, minority ethnic and refugee women in England, Scotland and Wales as a result of domestic abuse, forced marriage and ‘honour’-based violence. Also supports children and young people.

Aye Mind

Aye Mind website has a huge number of links to other sites and apps for young people around the issues of mental health.


B-Eat youth helpline provides information, help and support for anyone affected by eating disorders.

Be Mindful:

Be Mindful provides information on mindfulness and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). It also provides guidance on how to learn and embrace mindfulness as well as course listings.


Big White Wall is an online community for adults experiencing emotional or psychological distress. It is free to use in many areas if you live in the UK, if you’re a student or if you have a referral from your GP.

Birth Trauma Association

Birth Trauma Association provides support for anyone affected by birth trauma, including partners.

Boys Get Anorexia Too

Boys Get Anorexia Too aims to provide support, comfort, information and advice for anyone who is concerned about a man’s eating and/or exercise patterns.  Important information is available about the nature of eating disorders and the signs to be aware of.  There is also first-hand experience from men who have had eating disorders.

British Association of Anger Management:

British Association of Anger Management aims to offer individual support, workshops, seminars and bespoke packages for individuals who struggle with anger. The Association has expertise in anger, stress and conflict management. They not only do run numerous practical workshops but also are able to run workshops online via webcam.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP):

BACP provides information and details to find accredited counsellors and psychotherapist practitioners. It will help you to find someone who specialised in different difficulties.

Bullies Out 

Bullies Out is an anti-bullying charity which works with schools, colleges and youth and community settings across the UK and Ireland. The charity has an award-winning peer mentor programme called Peer2Peer and also has a number of interactive workshops that address different types of bullying and bullying issues. Information regarding bullying is also available for parents, employees and employers.

Bullying Intervention Group

The Bullying Intervention Group (BIG) is a social enterprise which administers the BIG award (the national award for excellence in bullying intervention. BIG aims to prevent and reduce bullying, reward effective bullying intervention practice and make communities safer and more accessible.

Calm Harm

Calm Harm is a site with useful information but also an app that uses distraction techniques to help fight the urge to self harm.

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

provides free training and resources to help improve young people’s mental health, including material on depression and self harm.

Child Bereavement UK

Supports families and provides training to professionals for when a young person is facing bereavement.
Call their helpline: 0800 028 8840

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) work with safeguarding and child protection partners across the UK and overseas. They aim to protect children online and offline, their main focus is on child sexual exploitation and online protection issues.


(Freephone 0800 1111 -24 hours) is the UK’s free helpline for children and young people. It provides a confidential telephone counselling service for any child with a problem.

Depression UK

A self-help organisation made up of individuals and local groups.

Ditch the Label 

Ditch the Label is one of the world’s largest charities which promotes pro-equality and anti-bullying. Ditch the Label is a digital charity which aims to empower people aged 12-25 to overcome bullying. Their main objectives are to provide innovative support, produce world-class pioneering research, to collaborate and to change the world.

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough aims to make the Internet safer for children and families. A variety of research relating to a number of topics including internet safetycyberbulling and social media is accessible via their website.

Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters is a national mental health platform from Public Health England. Their resource centre is full of free materials you can order, or download, to look after your mental health.


Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders is an international organization of caregivers of eating disorder patients.  FEAST helps families affected by eating disorders by providing a range of information and mutual support.

The organization is run by volunteers.  It promotes evidence-based treatment and advocates for research and education to help people suffering with eating disorders.


Broke Rainbow provides support for LGBT+ people experiencing domestic violence.

Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES)

Information for trans people, their families and the professionals who care for them. Their purpose is to improve the lives of trans and gender non-conforming people of all ages, including those who are non-binary and non-gender.

Grief Encounter

1 in 29 children in the UK under the age of 16 will suffer the death of a parent. Grief encounter support individuals through confusion, fear, anxiety as well as the grief. They offer a helpline 0208 371 8455, family programs, specialist resources as well as e-counselling services.


Harmless is a user led organisation that provides a range of services about self harm and suicide prevention including support, information, training and consultancy to people who self harm, their friends and families and professionals and those at risk of suicide. The organisation was set up by people who understand these issues and at the heart of the service is a real sense of hope.

Head Meds

is a site for young people aged 11 -25 that provides easy to understand information about mental health medication.


Supports LGBT+ Muslim people, their families and friends to address issues of sexual orientation within Islam.

Internet Matters

Child Internet Safety is a social enterprise which focusses on internet safety for children. The social enterprise aims to provide practical advice and tools for parents, teachers and children.


LifeSIGNS is an online user-led voluntary organization which provides self-injury guidance and network support. Their support forum offers anonymous 24 hour support. The organisation provides a range of information and help and works to guide people towards new ways of coping.


Kidscape is a registered charity which works to prevent bullying and protect lives. Advice and information is provided for children, families and professionals. Their anti-bullying parent advice line is available to offer guidance and support for parents, carers or family members who are concerned about a child or young person being bullied in person or over social platforms or phones.
Please call 020 7823 5430. Lines are open Monday – Tuesday 10am-5pm.


is a free online counselling service for children and young people. Only available in certain parts of England and Wales, this includes Dorset.

LGBT Foundation

This Manchester-based charity offers a wide range of LGBT+ services plus a national helpline.

Men’s Advice Line

Men’s Advice Line is a confidential helpline for any man experiencing domestic violence and abuse from a partner (or ex-partner). They are a team of skilled professionals offering practical advice, information and emotional support to male victims of domestic violence, as well as to concerned friends and family and frontline workers.

Their focus is to increase the safety of men experiencing domestic violence (and the safety of their children) and help them reduce the risk. Domestic violence includes a range of behaviours: physical, psychological, sexual or financial abuse. It happens within intimate relationships as well as between family members.

Men Get Eating Disorders Too

This charity supports men who have been affected by eating disorders.  Its run by men with eating disorders, and also aims to support their families and carers.  MGEDT aims to increase awareness of eating disorders in men and to increase knowledge and understanding.

Mind Ed

is for parents, and professionals and volunteers working with children and young people. It is a free educational e-learning site on children’s and young people’s mental health, supported by the NHS.


MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay men, bisexual and trans people (LGBTIQ+), providing a number of resources and national initiatives.

Mind Tools:

Provides further information on anger, anger management tips as well as information on how to communicate in a respectful and still assertive way.


offers a range of support and advice on to help you think about emotional problems and work towards solving them. It offers a wide-range of self-help advice and extensive worksheets from anger to shyness.

National Centre for Eating Disorders

The National Centre for Eating Disorders believes in effective support for people affected by eating disorders.  This is achieved via personal, telephone and Skype counselling, professional training courses.  There is also support and advice for carers and friends available, and a network of counsellors and psychotherapists.

National Children’s Trust (NCT)

National charity for parents, providing information and support for all parents.

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

For anyone who needs advice, help or information regarding a child’s welfare and for those who want to report concerns they have about a child or young person at risk of abuse. provides help and advice about bullying and cyberbullying for teens parents and teachers. The online forum provides a wealth of useful information and resources about bullying and what to do.

No Panic

Provides information, support and advice for those with panic disorder, anxiety, phobias and OCD, including a forum and chat room.

Papyrus – Prevention Of Young Suicide

PAPYRUS is a UK charity committed to suicide prevention, focusing predominantly on the emotional well-being of children, teenagers and young adults. They offer the general public and professionals alike, the requisite resources and support to help prevent suicide and improve mental health in young people. While preventing youth suicide is our primary focus, their concern in preventing suicide encompasses all age groups.


offers a whole range of leaflets and advice for parents and young people around mental health issues.


Provides information, advice and support to LGBT+ people with disabilities.


Restored is Bournemouth-based and delivered by Dorset Mind.  It aims to support people affected by eating disorders.  A range of services are available including carer supporttraining for professionals who work with people with eating disorders.  They can also provide specialist eating disorder services for schools and colleges.  Nutrition and meal support, counselling and psychotherapy and a recovery group are also offered.


has advice for young people and adults living with mental health issues.


Respect is the UK membership organisation for three specialist areas of work within the domestic violence sector. They develop, deliver and support effective services for: male and female perpetrators of domestic violence, male victims of domestic violence, and young people who use violence and abuse in close relationships.

Their services include providing specialist training courses; giving support and resources for members; developing work with young people; and managing the accreditation of perpetrator programmes across the UK.


Respond provides a range of services to people with learning disabilities, including both victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse. It also provides support and training for families, carers and professionals. Mental health professionals can refer people with learning difficulties who have experienced or perpetrated sexual abuse for face-to-face work.


If you need someone to talk to, trained volunteers listen in confidence to anyone in any type of emotional distress, without judging or telling people what to do.
Call them FREE on 116 123 – 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can also email


SEED is a voluntary organisation of people with first-hand experience of eating disorders.  They aim to support others who are sharing the same experiences. Support services available include drop-in support, buddy schemes, workshops and online resources.

Self harm organisation 

The self harm organisation supports people struggling with self harm and provides a range of resources about action plans and recovery.

Self harm UK

Self harm UK is a project which aims to support young people affected by self-harm. Alumina is their online based support group for 14 – 18 year olds who self-harm. Live online group meetings are available. Alumina Live is a 6 part course which provides interactive support and encouragement. Each session takes place online at the same time each week. Their on-demand service is a video-based course.

Self injury Support

This national organisation supports girls and women affected by self-injury or self-harm.  On the website you will find a collection of guidance, research and useful educational tools from many different sources.

There is also a wealth of information for those that self-injure, concerned others and professionals.

Text and email support:

Text this number: 0780 047 2908 or Email TESS online here.
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Time: 7pm – 9pm.

‘TESS’ text and email support is available for girls and young women up to 24 years in the UK affected by self-harm.

If you don’t know how to start talking, just text or email “hello”.

TESS replies to all messages.  Their aim is to text back within half an hour and to email within 24 hours during our opening times.

Sometimes when they are very busy messages will take longer – occasionally they have to reply to emails or texts the following day.  You will receive an auto message from them letting you know if they are experiencing a high number of texts and emails.

Self Injury Helpline – 0808 800 8088

Days: Monday to Thursday.
Time: 7pm – 10pm.

‘CASS’ phone helpline is for women of any age and background affected by self-injury, whether their own or that of a friend or family member.  It provides confidential non-judgmental emotional support around self-injury.

All calls are answered by female volunteers who have received specialist training.  You can talk about anything you want to.   They won’t tell anyone you called – unless you tell them exactly where you are and that you’re currently at risk of harm.

You don’t have to be in crisis or distress at the time you call.  You can talk for up to half an hour each time they are open.


Campaigns to achieve equality and justice for LGBT+ people.

Stress Management Society

Information about stress and tips on how to cope.


Stressbusting provides information about stress and techniques for coping. Lists several talking treatments and alternative therapies that can be used to treat stress.

Support Line:

Support Line is a telephone helpline which provides young people with confidential and emotional support on issues surrounding anger, self-harm, abuse and relationships. To use their helpline, call 01708 765200.

Teen Issues 

Teen Issues discusses the problems that teens face. It’s hard to be a teenager. The organisation knew this when they established Teen Issues and recruited experts on all matters teen-related to contribute to the site. Teen Issues hopes to address the perils and pitfalls that come with being a teen, and become the premier resource offering teens interesting features, practical advice, and basic answers to all their questions.

The Adolescent Self Injury Foundation Inc. (ASIF)

The Adolescent Self Injury Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to raise awareness about adolescent self injury. The website provides education, prevention techniques, resources and research. Information regarding how parents and friends can help and understanding adolescent self injury is also available.

The CyberSmile Foundation

The CyberSmile Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to tackle all forms of digital abuse and bullying online. Their community forum is available for people to ask questions and share their experiences in a supportive community. The CyberSmile Foundation’s  Global Support Service aims to support victims of cyberbullying and online abuse.
Trained support advisors, many of which have been in similar situations, work to provide tailored help. If you would like to contact them please email as much about your problem to and an advisor will make contact.

The Mix 

The Mix is an online support site for under 25s, with lots of useful info on everything such as sex, exam stress, debt and drugs. On this site you can download the Stressheads App by YouthNet, which allows you to identify and explore your feelings and things causing stress using avatar type cartoon heads ( – and – tools/stressheads). The Mix also provide a confidential phone line.

The Hideout

Women’s Aid have created this space to help children and young people to understand domestic abuse, and how to take positive action if it’s happening to you.

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC)

A charity supporting adult survivors of any form of childhood abuse. Provides a support line and local support services.

The National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society is a British charity for Autistic people. The purpose of the organisation is to improve the lives of autistic people in the UK. They provide information and advice for autistic people, friends and families. This includes information about helplines, local and volunteer-run branches, their membership programme, training for family members, parent to parent services and online communities.

They also run residential, supported living, community day hubs, outreach, befriending, social group sand employment support services for adults as well as specialist schools, autism centres in mainstream schools and further education support for children and young people.

Additionally, they provide support for professionals, including training courses, conferences, consultancy and an Autism Accreditation programme to help professionals working with autistic people gain the knowledge needed.

Finally, their award-winning social change work helps politicians, businesses and the general public to understand Autism better.

The Recovery Course

The Recovery Course is a Twelve Step programme albeit one that focuses on all kinds of addiction from alcohol and drug dependency through to gambling, sex addiction, pornography, self – harming and eating disorders.  It’s designed to bring freedom to people who struggle with addiction or any compulsive behaviour.
When: Every Thursday from 7-9.30pm (28th September 2017 to 11th January 2018).
Where: St Swithun’s Church, Gervis Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3ED
Tel: 01202 241077. No referral needed, you can simply turn up.


ThinkuKnow is an online resource which is tailored for different age ranges and groups. It provides advice and information about online safety.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) are a free, confidential and impartial service for parents and carers, children and young people (up to 25 years).  The type and range of support offered includes:

  • Information regarding the local offer, local policy and SEN/ disability law from independently trained staff.
  • Advice for parent/carers, children and young people on gathering, understanding and interpreting information and applying it to their own situation.
  • Personalisation of personal budgets.
  • Information on the local authority’s processes for resolving disagreements, its complaints procedures and means of redress.
  • Signposting children, young people and parents to alternative and additional sources of local and national information, advice and support.
  • Individual casework and representation where needed including support in attending meetings, contributing to assessments and reviews and participating in decisions about outcomes for the child or young person.
  • Support for parents and young people in managing mediation and appeals to the SEND Tribunal.
  • Support with applications for Education, Health and Care Plans.

Time to Change

has a wealth of information about mental health including session plans, assemblies, and some powerful dramas. There is also a campaign toolkit pack for schools and youth clubs to get people campaigning to end mental health discrimination.

Triumph Over Phobia (TOP UK)

Provides self-help therapy groups and support for those with OCD, phobias and related anxiety disorders.

UK Safer Internet Centre 

The UK Safer Internet Centre provides e-safety tips, advice and resources for young people and children. Their Hotline provides a place for people to anonymously report child sexual abuse images and videos.

If you are a professional who works with children or young people and you have online safety concerns please call them on their helpline.

Tel: 0344 381 4772. Lines are open Monday- Friday 10am – 4pm.

Or you can email them at

Where’s Your Head At?

Where’s your head At is a website where you can get information and about young people’s mental health and emotional well-being. On the website you will find information to help you as a child, young person, parent / carer, or a professionals.

Winston’s Wish

Winston’s wish support bereaved young people and their families. They have a national helpline which is free to call: 08088 020 021, as well as drop-ins and a variety of useful resources to support individuals through the different types of bereavement.

Young Minds

is a leading charity that supports those with mental ill health and campaigns about the issues. There are a range of resources on the site plus specialist help for parents whose children have mental health issues.

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