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Georgia Francis – CYP Community Engagement & Projects Team Leader

Georgia Francis – CYP Community Engagement & Projects Team Leader

Where do you live? 

Bournemouth, Dorset

What is your role within Dorset Mind Your Head? 

Children and Young People’s Community Engagement & Projects Team Leader

What led you to Dorset Mind? 

I have always been interested in mental health and the significant impact that it can have on our daily lives. After graduating from a Psychology bachelor’s degree in 2021, I was looking for a fulfilling role in a third sector organisation and quickly found myself on the Dorset Mind recruitment page.

What are your interests outside of work? 

I love anything active, especially if it involves experiencing an adrenaline rush in a foreign country. I’ve jumped out of a plane from 15,000ft, bungee jumped in Singapore, climbed a volcano in Bali, hiked to World’s End in Sri Lanka and camped on the Great Wall of China.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, my activity has mostly been restricted to weightlifting in the gym and hiking along the Jurassic Coast. I’m desperate to start ticking things off my bucket list again and hope to begin with travelling to Nepal to embark on the 12-day trek to Everest Base Camp. I’m even considering combining my passion for adventure travel and my commitment to supporting people’s mental health, by registering my next endeavour as a Dorset Mind fundraising challenge – so watch this space!

What is your story in relation to mental health? 

I think it’s quickly becoming impossible for young people to grow up without directly experiencing or being exposed to mental ill health. From a young age, I have witnessed family members and close friends struggle with their mental health. At times, I too have struggled; feeling low and anxious often led to depriving myself of opportunities that I knew deep down I wanted to embrace. I’m still very much a work in progress, but reframing my thinking to focus on the positives of having open conversations and sharing lived experience has benefitted my mental health invaluably.

If you could give someone a piece of advice, what would it be? 

Try to remember that every day is an opportunity to get better. Every day presents an opportunity to learn a new skill, to start working towards your goals or to focus on prioritising your mental health. Whilst nothing happens overnight, a little progress every day adds up to big results! 

What is one self-care tip that you have found helpful? 

I think the most helpful self-care tip that I can recommend is to allow yourself time to figure out what works best for you. For me personally, self-care often involves spending time alone either on a walk or at the gym. For you, self-care could be the complete opposite. It could be anything from meeting up with your friends to reading a book. It really doesn’t matter how you decide to practice self-care, as long as you find time to integrate your chosen strategy into your daily life!

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