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Jordan Copperthwaite – Young Ambassador

Jordan Copperthwaite – Young Ambassador

Where Do You Live?


What are you studying?

I have recently completed my bachelor’s degree in communication and media. I am currently doing a marketing and events internship with Bournemouth University.

What are your interests inside and outside of studying?

I am a huge fan of dystopian novels and try to read as often as I can. I also love being by the beach which is why I made the decision to move down to Bournemouth after completing my degree and really enjoy going on adventures around Bournemouth and especially going geocaching!

In my final year of university, I decided to complete my dissertation on how different mental illnesses are portrayed in film and television within the horror genre. This was a very unique topic of interest and one which was so exciting to research and learn about. This research made me realise that whilst as a society, we have moved leaps and bounds in terms of how mental illnesses are portrayed, we do still have a long way to go. My goal is to contribute towards breaking common stereotypes around metal illnesses and their stigmatisations within society.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

I hope that mental health can be viewed more positively in the future and people who may be struggling can feel more comfortable talking about it around people they trust.

I am still unsure of what I want to do as a career. For now, I am keeping my options open and just enjoying life day by day.

What is your story in relation to mental health?

I have seen members of my immediate family and close friends try and navigate their way through a range of different mental health difficulties. At times, I have reached out for support too. Being around people who have been through very tough points in their lives has motivated me to help others and to try and promote a more positive outlook on mental health.

If you could give someone a piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s timeline. Every individual is on their own path in life, and therefore it is important to go at your own pace.

What is one self-care tip that you have found helpful?

Working from home all day everyday has been hard. My best advice is to move and be active for at least 30 minutes every day  – it is surprising just how much better you will feel.


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